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WarmiePro™ Food Warmer Board

WarmiePro™ Food Warmer Board -Don’t feed cold food to your guests again! Whether you have a family gathering, throwing a party, or are gathered around the TV for some quality time, the WarmiePro™ Food Warmer Board will make sure your food stays warm. Simply plug the warming tray in for 8 minutes to enjoy warm food for 60 minutes.

This ultimate party sidekick will make your guests feel as though they are being served a delicious hot mealat the most exclusive banquet. You will love the versatility of this wonderful buffet server at your next party or gathering. If you are in need of keeping prepared meals warm enough to serve through out the day or night this server has you covered.

The WarmiePro™ Food Warmer Board is a porcelain plate heating system that warms dishes, stews and preserves heat for other food items. It also heats wine, tea, and milk to the perfect temperature. This product is moisture-proof and can be used to unfreeze food.

Double click on the safety child lock key to open/close the child lock, parents more free from worry.

1-8 hours of timing shutdown, according to their own needs to choose different insulation time.

1-8 hours appointment starting up, can choose according to their own needs to open the insulation time.

Multi-gear adjustment can be adjusted from 30°C to 130°C, each press increases 5 °C, insulation can achieve 130℃.

Suitable for all kinds of tableware, ceramics tableware, microwave oven plastic tableware, metal tableware, glass tableware.

The rotation type is manual rotation, and the tray can be rotated freely at 360°.

30-130°C Adjustable temperature heat preservation heating tableware, to avoid food under the hot on the cold
35°C Warm hands
65°C Make yogurt/unfreeze
80°C Can unfreeze food from the fridge
95°C Heat preservation/heating of metal plates
100°C Keep the food warm/dry
130°C Heat preservation/heating · various thickened tableware with ceramic plates on sole


Aluminum alloy rotating disc
Safer and more durable, only swivel models.
Intelligent touch screen multi-speed temperature control
The temperature can be adjusted from 30-120°C, with an increase of 5°C each time.
Child lock design safety protection
One-key lock the panel to prevent the wrong operation during the work from affecting the insulation progress.
Far infrared heating
Safe and no radiation, there is a 3.cm safe area around it; the pursuit of practicality, while also thinking about your health everywhere.
Waterproof glass surface
Surface stains can be wiped clean with a rag after pouring water in a cup. The ultra-simple design cleans a cloth in place.

Product color: rose gold
Product gross weight: 6KG
Adjustable temperature: 30-120°C
Power supply voltage: 220V-50Hz
Rated power: 300W
Heating method: carbon fiber heating
Product size: 600*600*18mm