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Lotus Mandala Wall Lamp

How come some people seem to have a perfectly stylish home that everyone raves about?

Novel design: It can show the eye-catching side during the day and night, One item has two functions, Distribute its own unique light at night, Making it easier for people to go to sleep, Bring you spiritual healing.

For Spiritual Use: Mandala also has a powerful healing capacity, especially for emotional diseases. lower blood pressure, promote sleep and ease depression. These symbols are used for meditation, prayer, healing, and art therapy for both adults and children. You can get these in different diameters and styles.

Hanging Wall Art for Yoga: You can simply hang this lotus ornament on small screws or nails through the keyhole slot on the back. Wall art is lightweight, so it is easy to hang it on any wall.

Economic and Energy-saving: Mandala night light is very economical and applicable, with a wide range of dimmers and brightness, which can be used in your room 24 hours a day as a family night light to decorate your room!'

Elegant wall art: Mandala decoration creates a modern and eclectic living space, full of personality and positive energy. You can use it to decorate your corridor, kitchen, living room, bedroom, or office.

Representing eternity, sacredness, and purity, Lotus is used as a symbol of life, fertility, and a constantly regenerating youth. Lotus will bring you to your purest and natural beauty on your way to reaching your inner self. Remember your inner potential inside as the lotus shines on your wall, on your table.

✨This gorgeous lamp is the perfect wall decor to give a unique look to your room. This also makes a great gift for meditation-loving friends and people who like rare authentic pieces. It would look great hanging in your bedroom or meditation room and is really WOW-stopper in the hallway or living room.

This lamp is very economical, you can use it day and night. Has a dimmer and a wide range of brightness. Could be used like a night lamp or 24 hours accent piece in your room.

NO additional assemble is needed. Ready to hang.


The good news, is we have received letters from many customers who want to cancel the wire. We have upgraded the product to a wireless version. We only need an AA battery to use it, which eliminates the concerns of customers about the mismatch between the wire and the wall background and makes your wall more perfect!