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Slip-On Pet Shower Hose

Bullet Points:

1,When connecting the silicone connector, please reduce the water flow because the bathtub faucet may have a very high water flow. If used in a bath with excessive water pressure, the connector may be damaged and cannot be used any more.
2,The super-stretch silicone connector slides over the shower head or faucet and instantly transforms it into a stunning pet bathing tool! The silicone connector is easy to use, easy to operate, and can be connected anytime, anywhere, quickly and easily.
3,The silicone connector can be stretched 7 times and is suitable for most shower heads and faucets (up to 7 inches in diameter, including irregular shapes)
4,The intermediate hose connector can be quickly separated from the lower half of the hose to create an ideal, shorter length for the sink. (just need to reinstall according to the shower)
5,It is also suitable for quick shower wall flushing and cleaning, baby showering and washing hair in the sink.


Product name: Universal Connector
Color: blue
Material: thermoplastic
Features: The unique middle hose coupling allows the lower half of the hose to be quickly separated, creating the ideal shorter length for the sink.

Packing list

1x hose