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Domino Train Toy

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Remember dominoes? Of course you do. Line them up, knock them over, and watch them fall. The falling was always the best part, right?

The worst part? Setting them up. Twenty minutes of tedious work for a few seconds of delight. That’s when our kid declared them more frustrating than fun and tossed them aside.

Kids need things that light up and make noise or they lose interest fast. But how else are you supposed to set up dominoes? It’s not like there’s a machine that can do it for you… is there?

This Domino Train lights up, makes noise, and automatically lines up your dominoes so you don’t have to.

This is just good, clean fun. Take a look.

  • Cute design. It looks like one of those cartoon trains your kid probably adores. So cute we can hardly stand it.
  • Lights up. There’s a light on the front of the train that actually lights up. Just push the button and watch it glow.
  • Makes noise. What kind of train doesn’t make noise? Not this one. It’s loud enough to keep your kid interested, not so loud you’ll get a headache.
  • Builds motor skills. Hand-eye coordination is one of those things kids need to learn. Start building it now and they’ll be ahead of the curve.
  • Automatic. Load the train up with dominoes then send it on its way. It’ll drop them down into any pattern you like, and stay standing upright.



It’s toddler-friendly, battery-powered, and easy to use.

Show your kid how to do this once, and they’ve got it from there. You won’t have to check on them every few minutes and can finally get in that cup of coffee.

And it’s battery-powered. Just a couple of double A batteries and you’re train will be spitting out dominoes ASAP.

This is the kind of fun kids crave. Order this domino train now and put a big smile on their face.

It’s nice tearing them away from their video games for a while, don’t you think?