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Digital Rolling Ruler

Easily measure just about anything with the Digital Rolling Ruler. This incredible ruler can measure a wide range of surfaces, objects, and materials with a single motion. By simply turning, this gives you an extremely accurate measurement right on the screen. You can finally take the guesswork and confusing calculations out of measuring everything from flat surfaces to curved objects and more. The digital rolling ruler is also compatible with major units of length. Additionally, the digital OLED screen has a high-contrast ratio, offering brighter display and greater energy efficiency. Tucked behind a stainless steel plate, the display is as stunning as it is informative. With its minimalist design, this convenient measuring tool replaces your traditional ruler and fits comfortably in your pocket. The stainless steel—or the new 18K Gold Limited Edition—ruler combines style, precision, and durability. Furthermore, it comes with a genuine leather case with vegan options available.