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3d Printing Pen

Economical yet high-quality 3D pen, you can create, draw, doodle, and build in 3D. 





  • This 3d Printing Pen aids in the development of spatial reasoning, creativity, and artistic abilities. Great for spending quality time with family and as a useful tool for producing handcrafted gifts or decorations, as well as for ordinary household repairs. 


    This equipment is suitable for children above 8 years old and adults. Children should use under the supervision of adults ! DO NOT touch the nib during using!


    Simply plug it in, turn it on, and have fun making three-dimensional masterpieces. The 3D Printing Pen is a versatile, easy-to-use printing plastic that's suitable for both beginners and experts.


    Connect the adaptor to the pen's rear and select your filament. Warm up will be shown by the red light, which will take roughly 2-3 minutes. To begin, double-click the forward button and feed the filament through the pen's rear. Click forward to stop the filament from reaching the pen's nozzle. For a continuous flow, press and hold the forward button or double click. To retract filament, press and hold the reverse button once you've finished your design.


    The temperature of the SCRIB3D P1 Pen may be adjusted to accept different types of filament: PLA (160-210°C, 320-410°F) or ABS (210-235°C, 410-455°F). The P1 incorporates an easy-to-use stepless speed slider, which is designed for optimal speed control, unlike other 3D printing pens. From tedious and complicated projects to rapid infill work, this tool is ideal for any task.

    • color: Blue, Pink, Purple, Yellow
    • Dimensions: 220 x 170 x 70 mm
    • Nozzle Diameter: 0.75mm